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As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are introducing an online teacher training program that will allow us to come together not only as practitioners but as humans. Health and safety are priorities right now, and that includes mental and emotional health.

"Nothing shakes you, nothing breaks you."
- Jhon T


Online 2oo Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering reduced pricing and Payment Plans. 

Normally $3300

(Or $3600 with a Payment Plan)

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6 Monthly Payments, Total $3300

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How it Works

Atmananda Online is a Yoga Teaching Certification Program that can be completed from anywhere. 

You can enroll on a rolling basis, at which time you will receive a login to Atmananda Online as well as instructions on how to join live virtual meetings over Zoom.

Within the Atmananda Online site, you will find different modules for Sequence Training, Resources, and various Workshops. 

  • The Yoga Alliance Standards require at least 180 contact hours (which includes live virtual meetings) and allow for 20 hours to be completed asynchronously online via pre-recorded content.
  • Contact Hours:
    • Normally, 160 hours are held live over Zoom and 20 are held during an In-Person Intensive Weekend in NYC. 
    • Given COVID-19 restrictions, 160 hours will be held live over Zoom. This includes Sequence Training and Workshops. Zoom links will be sent out daily.
  • Pre-Recorded Workshops: 20 hours will be comprised of pre-recorded videos and homework

You can find more on hours and subjects on the Yoga Alliance Website.

Sequence Training

Jhon leads Daily Practice and Sequence Training from 9am - 12:30pm Monday through Friday. 

We begin the course with Daily Practice and Sequence Training.


Workshops are currently being added. 

Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy Workshops will be pre-record and the first to be released.

Other Workshops (e.g. Pranayama, Ayurveda) will be held over Zoom throughout the training, scheduled based on availability of the instructors.


You will receive an Atmananda Manual which includes a breakdown of the sequence. As you go through sequence training, we recommend you use the manual to write out how you will teach the poses in your own words.

Workshop instructors may assign homework which you will find attached to the corresponding module.

Other Resources

Other resources include recommended reading, a Yoga Alliance Standards Tracking Sheet, pre-recorded Sequence Training Videos for you to refer to when you practice teaching at home.

This program is very flexible. It can be completed in as little as 2 months; the maximum amount of time you have to finish the requirements is 6 months.

Sequence Training and Daily Practice occur every Monday through Friday. Workshops will be scheduled weekly based on the availability of the instructor. Requirements can be found on the Tracking Sheet which is included in your Resources. It's your responsibility to keep track of hours and workshops you attend until you complete the requirements and reach 200 hours.

You receive a certification after you

(1) Complete 160 contact hours over Zoom (Sequence Training, Daily Practice, and Live Workshops)

(2) Complete 20 hours of work on your own, including watching pre-recorded workshops and doing homework. 

(3) Attend an Intensive In-Person Weekend held at the Atmananda New York Studio (20 hours)

(4) Teach a 60-minute Asana Class  during the Intensive Weekend at the Atmananda New York Studio. 

Learn more about in-person programs, Jhon Tamayo, and the Revolutionary Atmananda Yoga Mat at

Normally, the Atmananda Online Course includes an In-Person Intensive Weekend, which comprises 20 hours of your training, including taking your test (teaching a 60-minute class).

Of course the In-Person component is not possible at this time. We have modified the course so that it can be completed entirely online. You will teach your 60-minute class over Zoom.

Once we can resume in-person contact, you will have the option to continue the program online, or complete the remainder of your training at the Atmananda New York Studio (hopefully that's sooner rather than later!). You will receive the same certification either way.

Refer to the Full Guide to The COVID-19 Modified Program for details.

You Will Learn






Teaching Methodology


Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Psychology

Communication Skills

Yoga as a Business

And much more


Course Includes

Yoga Alliance Teaching Certification 

Self-Paced Training

Atmananda Course Manual

Atmananda Yoga Mat

Opening Invitation to Speak with a Trainer by Video Chat

Life Long Access to Our Online Curriculum, Materials, and Community

In-Person Weekend Intensive at the Atmananda New York Studio of (travel costs not included)


Completion of all Course Modules

Home Practice Logs

Participation in Group Practice and Sequence Training 

Final Teaching Exam (administered during an In-Person Weekend Intensive)

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